About CAM Approaches

Love natural and alternative therapies?  Mindfulness, meditation and spiritual practices?  Me too!


My name is Kelly. I launched CAM Approaches not only as an outlet for my creative expression in moments of contemplation along my own journey, but also in hopes of providing a forum for like-minded people to dialogue about these things as well.  I even have a mission statement for this site.

I’ve always been an environmentalist, as well as a lover of nature and all her splendor. But my infatuation with living a natural and holistic lifestyle started when I was a teenager when I bought my first book about herbal remedies.  Not long after that, I started seeing a naturopath and got my first tastes of activism by joining a few environmental groups.

These days, Mother Nature still feels like the supreme temple.  When I was a kid, walking with a light footprint meant trying to move without sound across a leaf-covered forest floor in the fall.  Now it means thinking about the impact our every choice has on the world. This is really at the top of mind in posts, like my Labor Day blog post.

As a professional with a day job, my life is as busy as the next gal’s.  But I still love living  my everyday life in ways that encourage balance and harmony, like healthy eating, using essential oils, working with crystals and practicing meditation.  I have a real passion for working with energy healing.  As a Registered Holy Fire II Karuna® and Usui Reiki Master Teacher, I love giving Reiki treatments and teaching classes. I’m a member of the Reiki Membership Association and also really love my volunteer work, providing free Reiki to military wounded.

Thanks for stopping by my site!  I hope you’ll come back often- and maybe even engage on some of my posts!

Love and light,


p.s.  I am also a proud member of the National Writers Union, UAW Local 1981/AFL-CIO.

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